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Crane Inspections

Overhead Crane & Hoist Inspections

Our hoist and crane inspection is a comprehensive assessment, available for all brands of overhead cranes and hoist, to help ensure compliance, improve safety & reliability, and lower the cost of ownership. Total Tool's inspectors are fully trained and equipped, our inspection reports are provided in PDF format for easy storage and retrieval.

     Benefits of our Inspections:
  • Reliability - minor problems can be corrected before they lead to a breakdown.
  • Fast turnaround - You will receive your inspection reports in 24 hours or less, and a proposal for replacement parts and repairs in 5 business days.
  • Equipment - Our inspectors are fully equipped including a man life.
  • Superior Service - Total Tool can also inspect and repair your manual hoists and rigging while on-site. We can replace and repair defective rigging because we manufacture our own rigging!

How Often Are Crane Inspections Required?
Please note that this section does not cover all possible situations where OSHA may require a crane to be inspected. It is intended to be a general guideline. Below is a link to a document that includes the section of OSHA 1910.179 that deals with overhead crane inspections and copy of typical, daily, monthly, and annual inspection reports.

Overhead Crane Inspection Synopsis
Rigging, Manual Hoists & Below the Hook Lifters Inspection Synopsis

The operator is required to perform a simple inspection daily or prior to each shift for plants running multiple shifts. The person performing the inspection must be trained how to conduct the inspection and what to look and listen for. This inspection is not required to be documented.

Each month you are required to do a hook and wire rope/chain inspection, the person performing the inspection must be trained on how to perform the inspection. Hook and wire rope inspections must be documented.

Periodically (1-12 months)
 on usage you are required to do a complete, or what most crane inspection companies call an "annual" inspection of the crane. The person performing the inmust be trained on how to perform the inspection. Periodic inspections must be documented. In most cases performing the periodic inspection annually is sufficient.

Markets Served
We serve the entire states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. We also cover portions of Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
Our primary markets are:

  • Duluth, MN
  • St. Paul, MN
  • Hibbing, MN
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Wausau, WI
  • Superior, WI


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